PTG GIT Bootcamp

Have you ever wondered how to efficiently back up your project code? Have you ever been depressed by not being able to recover your old code? Have you ever dreamed of a collaborative coding experience similar to writing to a google doc? 
Well, Git is definitely an answer. It really helps today’s collaborative academic projects in Universities as well as in the industry. It’s the most common and most powerful source code management system nowadays. For those of you who are interested in using Git and utilizing Git to conduct various projects, here is a good news. This Saturday (Sept 27th) from 10am till 12pm in our beloved Detkin lab, Penn Technograds will be hosting a Git Bootcamp for everyone in Penn Engineering. You will find just about everything you need to know about Git and GitHub website. Lunch will be provided. Come and join us!
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Greet and Meet!

PennTechnoGrads will be kicking off the academic year with our very first greet-and-meet event here at Penn Engineering this Wednesday evening at 6:00pm, Greenburg Lounge, Skirkanich Hall. It’s a great opportunity for the first and second year students to mingle. Come and share your own experiences about Penn, Philly, or even about US! Free pizza and drinks will be served. It’s an event you definitely don’t wanna miss!

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Pebble PiBot

Pebble is a smartwatch that talks over Bluetooth to an Android or iOS device. Its basic function is to display notifications forwarded by the device on the watch face. In this mini-project, we shall use the Pebble to send commands over Bluetooth to an Android device which shall then talk to a Raspberry Pi Controller mounted on a bot over a socket and control the bot’s movements. The Android App shall be provided to you. Follow this tutorial to first create a WatchApp and then establish communication with the PiBot.

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