About Us

PennTechnoGrads is a self-learning group of Graduate students from the School of Engineering and Applied Science at University of Pennsylvania. The formation of this group has taken place with the aim that it will be the one organization that makes its presence felt in all aspects of engineering. University of Pennsylvania boasts of a wide variety of engineering programs and the world around us makes it clear that the boundaries separating each of them are fading rapidly. This organization aims to help graduate engineers from all fields to collaborate and come up with exciting ideas and encourage them to implement these ideas. 

The members of this organization will be responsible for implementing novel ideas, fine tune them into efficient and desirable applications, spread the individual and collective knowledge through a detailed documentation on the organization’s website and by holding bootcamps to train others. The organization also aims to consult the students of the engineering school to help them in their course projects and help them to arrive at solutions for critical issues. It also aims to stay abreast with the recent advancements in technical fields by getting in touch with innovative developers and being a beta-testing society. 

The ultimate and all-encompassing aim of this organization is to gather as much information and as many resources related to the technical field as possible and to make them available to the engineering student community at Penn so that they have the best environment possible to create and develop amazing engineering applications.